Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WOMEN PLS BEWARE! there are prospective husbands who bring marriage proposals to women, they are a dream come true to any woman. loving , caring, you name it they have it, disguised behind this.comes the fraud, the pros.groom wants to send cash to his wife to be as he plans to move to the country the future bride resides , therefore he needs to plan on an investment, and wishers to send money inorder to make necessary arrangments.The money is in the point of coming, transferrerd by a business associate of the pros.groom.. let me show you what presisly these people request and require.. following is a mail sent by the business associate/ fraudulant bank agent of this said groom. would be passed on next msg..due to length. PASS THIS MESSAGE TO ALL UR FRIENDS.AND SAVE INNOCENT VICTIMS

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